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'The BOOK of SHARKS'  is a conceptual project based on

ultimate life principles of a shark. Each page is a

declaration. The texture supports the text.




In total, the book has 17 pages which read as:




'The risk is for sharks.

Tilted horizon -- choose the side you are at


Sharks bite.

But it's ok

Sharks love.

The feelings are boiling under the skin

Sharks are obsessed.

If you cannot cut plastic with a saw you are not a shark


Sharks are interesting.

These two dots are not but sharks are


Sharks are independent.

And straight as a line


Sharks can talk.

As two backs talking


Sharks can listen.


Sharks see.

Shake it to see more

Sharks feel.

Put your hand on sandpaper 800


Sharks move on. Impossible is not for sharks.

Do you see the end.

Sharks evolve.

The longer you look at them the more they move

Sharks cut off, but if they care they care. 

And only if you do

Sharks are incapable of shame.

The holes are erotic

Sharks are vulnerable and thus powerful.

In the acceptance of vulnerability is a huge power



Sharks are allergic to melodic techno.

Synesthesia gives them hard times with low quality sound



Sharks don’t like green people.'

Green is too simple and plain.




The viewer is invited to read the book.